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Linking to Xero Accounting

We recently updated our link for Quotewerks and Xero and you can download a trial copy of Quote to Cloud from our website: Quote to Cloud   

It is a complete quote-to-billing workflow and you can save Quotewerks contacts to Xero and link. Automatically creates a Xero contact if it does not already exist and avoids duplicated contact records in Xero. You can create a Xero document from a Quotewerks document, live without need to synchronise. It supports QuoteWerks quote, sales orders and invoices. You can push any Quotewerks line item to Xero without need for mutual line item numbering for flexible data entry and write a Xero invoice number to Quotewerks document for easy identification.

Attached is the Xact Software guide for the product


New (August 2018) version 1.3 release - additional features added by popular request:

  • Now supports Quotewerks shipping amount.
  • Configurable setup options for invoice reference(s) values to be pulled into Xero.
  • Support for Xero's payment terms.
  • Retain invoice and PO form sizes.


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Hi Graeme,

Could you send me some pricing information on this, please?

I have awareness of, what sounds like, a similar solution but pricing make it not too viable for those that I've shown the solution to.

This sounds like a slick solution.  I have Autotask too though.  I guess in my case I'd want to use Autotask to "hold everything together" in the middle rather than integrating QW directly with Xero?

Hi Philip,

Yes ideally from QW > CRM > Accounting. We mainly work with Act! where we have integration direct with Xero ( both for Act! desktop and the Act! for Web ). You may know Act! integrates with QW with some limitations so we don't use Quote to Cloud ourselves, our integration is Act! > Xero directly where Act! has the native integration with QW. I guess you are looking to have Autotask integration with Xero. Thanks for your interest.   

New (June 2019) version 1.5 release - a substantial update to include the creation of Purchase Orders:

  • Quickly generate supplier Purchase Order(s) from a customer quote, order or invoice.
    Also records PO number and order date back into the Quotewerks document
  • Shipping cost is now included in the invoice.
  • Calculate invoice Due Date from Xero customer's sales terms.
  • Improved handling of 'Approved' invoice and invoice with payments applied.
  • Quotewerks document number is now included in the invoice Reference in Xero.
  • Improved UI and font size.

 A new video to cover the Purchase Order process:



Latest Update - March 2020 - for Quote to Cloud (the  link between Xero accounting and Quotewerks)

  • Now supporting multi-currency and invoice branding 
  • Ability to send an Invoice from Xero or Outlook 
These features supported on Quote to Cloud v1.7 and above

A major feature update for Quote to Cloud (linking Quotewerks and Xero accounting) - August 2020.

Now includes integration with Xero's own quoting function.
Note that Quotewerks must be version 5.5 or later . Refer to: 

  • Create and update a Xero quote from a Quotewerks document (quote, order or invoice)
  • You can email the quote directly from Xero or your email application.
  • Preview quotes.
  • Save a quotes as a draft or mark as 'Declined' or 'Approved'. 
  • Change a quote 'theme' in Xero.

The Quote Form



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