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QuoteWerks to Quickbooks Transfer - Select the current open Quote

When we transfer to QuickBooks, we always open the quote we are transferring just to check it and be sure its the correct one.  If the currently open and selected quote could be at the top of the list in the export to QuickBooks window automatically, it would save us having to find the quote we have already looked for and found so speeding the whole process up and making it a better experience.

What makes the current method even worse, if you have a mistake so it doesn't transfer (or you hit cancel), when you go back, alter the error and try again, it doesn't remember which quote you selected previously, so you have to do it all over again.  This can be very frustrating.

Would definitely need an addition to the software to do exactly as you want.

How many documents do you typically have showing in the QuickBooks integration screen at any one time?

We usually have between 50-80 open quotes at any given time.

Are you not only interested in transferring won quotes at this point in the process?

You're able to control what shows in that list by document type/status.

'Only' having a handful of documents on that screen would make it easier to identify the one you want to be pushing.

our quotes are open by default, the transfer sets the value to be Won by default.  We have lots of Won quotes to so it would be equally confusing.

Are you saying you mark a quote as Won, but then they sort of stay in that status and then you do a raft of QB 'pushes' in one go, hence having 50-80 in the list?

no, the transfer changes the status from open to won automatically.  

We typically have between 50 to 80 (sometimes many more) quotes open at any one time.  Our oldest quote took 15 years to convert with 17 revisions in that time.

We push them over to QuickBooks one at a time as we get the orders, some of the quotes are old, some are new.

Hence why the tweak of the software would be relatively easy and make life much easier.

Are you not converting a (QW) quote to a (QW) order?

You could then tell the QW/QB screen to only look for Order documents, say at "Awaiting Quickbooks transfer" status. This would mean you'd only see the documents ready for QB and don't have to wade through all the open quotes.

we don't convert to a QW order as all the order processing is done within the accounts software so it seems an unnecessary step.

We could I guess make the quote ready to transfer, that might be a way around this, but it will cause confusion initially as no one will remember to do it, so I will get calls asking why its stopped working.

It sounds like having a column for LastModified (that you could then sort) or a toggle to sort by most recently/currently opened document would be the best here; to keep your existing workflow and not have to introduce a new process.

I know the QW Dev. team take a look in this forum for new ideas and just adding a new column would seem something quite straightforward to add.

How about having the dialog box already sorted to most recent upon opening so we don't have to manually sort.

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