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Wonder if there has been any consideration regarding the coming e-invoicing in Australia and New Zealand please - it's said to become mandatory by mid next year.  We currently use Quotewerk to generate all customer invoices and email them out.  Will Quotewerks provide e-invoicing functions in future? Can we have some insight regarding the matter please.

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Hi Sally, being from the UK myself, are you able to share any detail on this?

I know the QW team has a large number of users in AU/NZ, so if something is becoming mandatory - the QW will want to know about it.

What's changing?

When are the dates?


There's lots of relevant information on the Australian governments website, Matt... overview and helpful links here. It looks like Xero already does e-invoicing (details here) and so that and Xact Software's link might be the way to go for QuoteWerks Users if Aspire don't pick this up.

The painful part with us might be that we are using MYOB instead of XERO.  Would keep my eyes open wide for the coming solutions.

Hello Sally,

It looks like there are already some 3rd party MYOB add-ons for e-invoicing (details here) and that MYOB may be working on an e-invoicing feature themselves (details here). I hope that this helps!

Regards, Steve.

Thanks Steve.  The problem is the duplicate work with invoicing - Quotewerks generates invoices and these invoices have to be manually entered into MYOB.  Without e-invoicing, the entry in MYOB can be simplified to hold basic information, such as customer, part number, value and GST.  With e-invoicing, we have to record all information properly.  Will Quotewerks consider working with MYOB at all? 

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I can't speak for QuoteWerks as to whether they'd develop a MYOB integration out of the box, but if you'd consider a third party add-on, then I can certainly help you with that! A QuoteWerks and MYOB integration would go great alongside our existing Sage, Pegasus and other integration solutions (details here). Email me - - if you'd like to discuss! Thank you.

Thanks Steve.  Appreciate your advice.  We'll certainly look into third party add-on between QuoteWerks and MYOB.  Lots of uncertainly regarding the e-invoicing at the moment.  Would like to see how things roll out in the coming 12 months.

Have a good weekend.

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No problem, Sally. There's nothing commercially available that I am aware of at the moment so if you need help building something just get in touch - given our Sage, Opera, MSBC and other integrations I am sure that we can make light work of it for you.

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