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Partial Billing Sales Orders

Given the global supply chain challenges, the need to partially bill sales orders (based on fulfillment status) is becoming more and more an everyday occurrence.  Keeping up with what is eligible for billing (through receiving records) is difficult within Quotewerks (IMO).  Quotewerk's answer in our case (we utilize Quotewerks with Quickbooks Online as our accounting system) is to export Invoices to QBO as QBO Estimates and then to leverage the QBO Progress based billing functionality.  Wherby the invoice is exported to QBO as an Estimate and the estimate is then converted to an invoice whereby one adjusts each "billable" line item by dollar amount or percentage to bill.  This process is repeated each time an invoice is raised until the entirety of the Estimate is converted to an Invoice(s).  Finally, the Estimate in QBO is deleted manually (according to the Quotewerks guidance (QuoteWerks Help).

I don't know about anyone else (which is the input I'm seeking), but this seems to be a very clunky and frankly disappointing solution to what I am certain is not a unique challenge.

Currently, we are exporting the entire Invoice (the whole of the Sales Order) to QBO (which completely orphans the Sales Order and Procurement elements in Quotewerks).  Then we are making copies of the invoice in QBO and manually omitting those line items and or quantities from the first invoice.   Then we are adjusting the invoice copies for the remaining amounts.  Technically, we are raising those charges as "future charges" in QBO as to not create artificial revenues that present in our AR (future dates).

This entire process is a joke.  Seriously, very disappointed in the guidance I've received from Quotewerks so far (good support and quick answers, I just don't care for the answers themselves).  

Has anyone else come up with a clever workaround to this?

Not heard of this scenario before so not sure how much help I'll be, nor am I certain I 100% understand your requirement/currently workflow, let me have a go....

You do a quote for 5x WidgetA, 10x WidgetB and 25x WidgetC.

That quote is delivered and accepted.

You convert that to an order (in QW)

You then push (all) of that to a QBO estimate.

You then 'faff about' in QBO to get the customer facing document to show what you need

Would there be mileage to convert only those items that you're ready to bill (say 3x WidgetA, 5x WidgetB and 17x WidgetC) from a (QW) quote to a (QW) order, and then push that to QBO.

When the time comes, you then convert more (or all) of the remaining items in QW, ready to then push to QBO.

If I am understanding the requirement correctly, then this is exactly the scenario we created our "Document Split" module (details here). It helps manage the process of creating multiple ORDERs from a QUOTE (or INVOICEs from an ORDER) and tracks the quantities already pushed from source to destination documents.

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