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QuoteWerks and Dynamics 365 Integration

I would like to see if you have any recommendations. We tested the built-in integration tool on QuoteWerks to Dynamics 365. It is nice but we would like to see more.  I would like to get the history of transactions into Dynamics. I would like to share access to a product database. Opportunities to have more than one Quote.  Accounts and Contacts, of course, are needed but your tool seems to do that ok.

We have some other integrations we are looking at with Dynamics 365 as well. We started to look at Kingswaysoft’s Ultimate edition for our integrations. 

Regarding QuoteWerks and integration with a tool like Kingswaysoft:

Do you have any recommendations for integration?

Do you have any warnings or concerns?

Do you recommend any resources?

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Brant Paquette | Business Analyst | Twitter:


Hey there..did you get any advice on the above?? i have joined the dynamic 365 forum too to see if i get any positive feedback.



I have not heard anything yet on this.


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Brant Paquette

We just integrated QW into D365 and it's working well.  I am looking for part numbers in the quote to order .  Currently, the Product Details come over and looks good with price but we are missing the important Manufacturer Part #.  



Are you familiar with bi-directional data linking?

In essence, field information can be copied from the QuoteWerks Line Item into the MS CRM Quote Item. This works for both products items and fields on the opportunity itself.

Looking at using QW with Dynamics 365 BC /NAV.   Has any progress been made on an official Integration or is the current API effective to communicate new products from QW quoting to DYN 365 inventory items?


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This is the page that covers the official QuoteWerks & Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration. There's also an example here of a custom integration we wrote between QuoteWerks and Microsoft Business Central. We've also written integrations that synchronise Product information between QuoteWerks, Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM, various Sage solutions and other Product / Inventory systems. Email me - - if you'd like any more information.

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