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Decimal places

For the majority of our quotes, we just want the standard 2 decimal places to show on price columns.  However, we will soon need to create quotes for per-minute rates (for VOIP phone calling) that are 4 decimal places long. 

I have played with the settings for decimal places in QuoteWerks, but it appears this is an all or nothing setting (all quotes would have to use 4 decimal places).

Is there any way to get around using 4 decimal places on all quotes, maybe by creating custom templates or something?  We do use QuoteValet, so we would need the same options there as on a printed quote.

If you use the following option for pricing fields, it will suppress trailing zeros.


This will give a result of:


Based on:


This solves one problem but creates another.

I spent a few minutes trying to see if we can create a QW formula to suppress the stray "00", like in line item 4, but couldn't quite figure it out. This, also, would help QuoteValet.

I believe that we'd need a script to copy the desired value into a customfield that could then be shown on a layout (either PDF/QuoteValet).

That would be quite straightforward, require no user tweaking and would work for all client facing layouts.

Where do I find the setting you're referencing?  The only thing I've found related to decimal places is in the Options > Misc tab.



In the QW layout designer, right-click on a pricing related field (such as extendedprice) and choose 'format'.

Thank you!  I will dig into that and see if I can make it work for our purposes.

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