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Quotewerks Integration With JDE EnterpriseOne

Hi, we use Goldmine CRM/Quotewerks for quotes only and that's it for Goldmine as well. We use JDE One for everything else and everything we do in the business really. Not here in sales, we need to quote 1st. Has anyone been able to integrate with JDE from Qworks successfully? If so how? Thanks MH 

Hi Michael,

I'm not aware of an existing integration.

What do you mean by 'integration', is this for pulling (only) information from JDE or for pushing information from QW to JDE, too? If so, what data is it moving?

Hi Matt, for us we want to push data out to JDE. Core data fields, product, pricing, core fields really. QW is new for me but Goldmine is not, globally we now use JDE and of course if a quote is accepted by our customer we then transfer that information manually into JDE to start the manufacturing process to sale and delivery, double handling for me.

Hilltops IT would be the people to speak to on this. They've done various integration projects such as this for me over the years:

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