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AutoTask Integration - Database mapping

I spoke to John, Brian, and Michael about this issue at the QW conference.

When adding products from AutoTask's db, QW currently has to reference the product name in AT as the part number as the unique identifier. 

The current solution that I've been told is to have the manufacturer product number as the product name in AT since QW is statically set to AT's "Product Name" field.

I'd like the option to change this so I don't have to manually go back and change the product names in AT.

This causes an issue if we add products from the Etelize module. It ends up adding a duplicate product in our AT database.


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Yes, the Autotask integration has several areas that a little more thought behind the scenes would make it much easier. I was told that the Autotask integration was going to be reviewed later this year and hope that suggestions like this will be taken on board.

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