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Product Line Shading

I realize that product templates are customizable, but when the developer attempted to setup shading as in the attachment, she said it was not supported by QuoteWerks. We have found that the client finds it much easier to review and approve their quotes when they can easily scan over the quote and visibly group the products based on shading.  Even when my Peers go to review a very large quote, they agree that is is much more simplified to see what costs are associated with what part of the quote (Hardware, Software, Services, Shipping, Etc)

I feel that many of the QW users would appreciate a visual enhancement such as this.

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Are we talking about two elements here? One shading for the client facing quote but also internally when quotes are review?

Is the reviewing of quotes happening inside QuoteWerks or on QuoteValet?

Could you use the line highlighting feature to clearly separate items into the appropriate product 'type'?

I your example, are you saying you'd want the headings Software and Services to be shaded?

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