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Transfer quotes/orders/invoices from version 4.6 to new version 5.4

 How can I move these files to the new database? Or can I point to the old database from the new version? "Open" just points to the quotes in the new version I'm using.

Are you sure you're looking at all document types in the new version.

Note, the top of the Open screen contains buttons to filter the document type.

It might be that you're only looking at Quotes or Active Quotes

When I installed the new version 5.4 it was in its own directory, not overwriting the previous version. So I need to move all my previous documents to the new version's database in order to bring them up to work on them. The old documents (quotes, orders, invoices) don't show up in a separate folder as they are part of the QW database. So I need to export a whole group of records into the new database. I think I can do them one at a time using the "Export Document to Transport File", but how do I do a whole group?

Was creating a new installation intentional?

Is it too late to update the existing installation?

You can use the Utilities > Rebuild CM Transport files option.

This will create DTF files, en masse, in your QuoteWerks\DTF folder.

This can certainly be imported into a QW enmasse. But I'm unsure if it'll play nicely with the large difference in version of the old/new systems.

Yes, I intentionally installed to a new folder. The old version is owned by me, the new version is owned by my company.

But your description of using "Rebuild CM Transport Files" is the solution I was seeking. I just converted all the files in the old install, then was able to import them to the new version. Thanks for your assistance!

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