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QuoteWerks Web and QuoteWerks Contact Manager

We are currently using the desktop version of QW along with Goldmine integration. We want to look at QW Web but that doesn't work with Goldmine.This may not be an issue as the only thing we are really using Goldmine for is in the sales process so I think that QW Contacts would give us all the fields we need for using it and doing away with Goldmine. However, I can't see on any documentation a way of adding a new contact using QW Web. This would be a problem for us if we can't add a new contact through QW Web. Can anybody tell me if it is possible to add a contact using QW Web into the QW Contacts database? 

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I don't believe this is currently possible, I'd be surprised if this were not on the roadmap however.

You could definitely:

Add the contact to the quote in QW Web manually

At some point open the quote in QW Desktop

Hit the 'create company in contact manager' button

It'll then be added to the database.

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