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Quote Worksheet Navigation


One complaint that I have with the user interface of QW is the navigation of the line items in a quote worksheet. Moving through the sheet could be much more intuitive in a couple of ways. 

Similar to moving through an Excel spreadsheet, pressing the Enter key should move the cursor downward so that you can type in numeric values quickly using the number pad that most keyboards have (which has the enter key placed there for this exact reason). This would greatly increase the speed of changing quantities in a quote template, for instance, where the line items are already entered into the quote and the only thing that is being changed are the quantities of the products/services.

Another feature that seems to make navigation difficult is the fact that you must press an arrow key twice in order to move from one cell to the next. Similar to Excel, it would be much more fluid to only require one arrow key press to move from one cell to the next, requiring that you start typing to change anything in the cell. 

I currently have the Corporate edition of Quotewerks and am working on adding some scripts to enhance the functionality of QW. However, these changes to the navigation of the quote worksheet seem to be outside of the scope of simply writing a VB script. Is there any way to change these navigation settings? If there aren't, I would love to submit a feature request for these changes.

Thanks for the consideration

To go down, for example changing quantities, try using the down arrow key.

This allows me, using your example, to go down the QTY column more easily.

The issue that I described was that it requires two presses of the down arrow key to go down a single cell in the quote. This seems unnecessary and slows down navigation through the quote worksheet. 

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