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PDFs Of Quotes No Longer Saving At Contact Level In Act!

Historically, when you created a quote in QuoteWerks, an opportunity was added to the opportunity table in Act!. However, the PDF copy of that quote was saved at the contact level.

This is super-helpful because the documents tab at the contact level serves as a running time-date ordered history of all quotes that have been sent out. It shows the iterations of each quote, but allows an Act! user to look at the documents tab and essentially see a time-date-stamped quoting history in one bucket.

After the recent revision to QuoteWerks, those quotes don't save at the contact level, but rather at the opportunity level. This makes sense on the surface because you can view the iterations of the quote that relate to the opportunity. 

However, we think it should have been a preference because we have years of accounts where all the quotes will role up under the contact and from this date forward, our users will have to look in two places to review those documents.

Also, it takes away the aspect of the quotes telling a continuous story about the quoting history of that client.

If you want to review the quoting history of that client, you will have to know that the PDFs of quotes will be in both locations and for quotes saved at the opportunity level, you have have to know which PDF corresponds with which opportunity.

My preference would be this change wasn't made at all, or that it was made as a preference, not just a unilateral structure change.

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