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Add contacts to QW Corporate Server Version

We have sales people in multiple offices and are using the corporate edition with SQL back end. We have customer specific information that is printed from the notes field in the contact, on projects at handover.

With the limitation in QW not synching contacts in both directions, we have to maintain the contacts on the server version of QW. This is not always practical, as the sales team are on the road and not always able to access the corporate network over VPN to launch the server version to add contacts. Therefore we have to rely on them to do the quotes, then remember to add the contact info to the server version later.

I am looking for a way where the sales team would create a new contact locally (I can then run a script to generate a csv file at the time), and I would then have it copy to server when they next connect to the corporate network. From there I could have the contacts imported to SQL directly.

Just trying to work out the last step of getting the CSV file into QW without having to go into the server version and manually import.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


Take a look at the QuoteWerks Help Guide here and the /i:standardcontactimport.cit command line option.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks to Matt Rose for his support on this question.

He gave me the info I needed on this topic:

Thanks everyone for your help with this. I have it working perfectly.

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