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URGENT - Error opening Connection - ADO Database lost Error Record Set

QW just stopped working.  I quit then restart.   Got these Picts attached -  Did a full shut down and restart and got the same thing.  


Is Urgent as I am dead in the water.



(43.5 KB)
(31.8 KB)
(39.3 KB)

Hi Andy,

I'm happy to assist (Independent QuoteWerks Consultant for over 15 years) - do reach out if you'd like. Will probably need a screen share to review/assist.

we've had this software for less than a month and have nothing but issues along the way.  We can't even access it now (saying we're logged in but everybody has rebooted).  Can't even use Medic (says I'm logged in).  No response from support.

Hi Seth,

If you open the file the error message talks about (docs.mdb?) with MS Access (assuming you're on an Access backedn), you can use the option 'Compact and Repair Database'. This resolves the issue 9/10.

Hey Pete,

Did you ever resolve this? I am having the same issue and can't even get QW to open.



Running the QuoteWerks Medic Utility | Utilities menu | Database Maintenance routine would usually resolve this type of error.

More here:

It sounds like an issue with one of your QuoteWerks files.

I've seen this a few times over the years with my clients.

Feel free to ping me an email with your contact details and we can arrange a screen share and I can assist.

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