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The Group Header Unit Price can be manually set.

Whenever we create a grouping, the group header unit sell price cannot be entered manually. QW sums up the sell prices of the group members, if we attempt to manually add the sell price, we receive the message: For the group header line item, this field "unit price" is automatically calculated and cannot be changed manually. 

In Quoteworks help chapter 5 it states that "the group header unit price can be manually set"  all items in the group will recalculate to come up with the new total.  Is there something that we need to set up in order to manually change the sell price?  Is it a different version of software? How can I manually change the price? The group feature is very limited when we can't change the sell price of a group.

Hi Glynn ~

You need to update your QuoteWerks to a more recent build for this feature.  Our records from a recent ticket with your company show that you are using version 5.3 build 5.07

Version: 5.4    Build: 1.08    Release Date: 11/19/2018     Type: New     View All Features in Build

You can now manually override the automatically calculated Grouped Bundle Price. This is useful when, for example, your grouped bundle total is $5,043.23 and you would like to present it to the customer as a "cleaner looking" $5,000.00". Just type in the manual amount into the Grouped Bundle's Unit Price column and QuoteWerks will distribute the $43.23 difference across all the line items in the bundle in a proportional way. During this process any PriceModifiers for the bundle items will be cleared.

As Cat says, this features works really well.

Video here.

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