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Slow Job Search window

I'm trying to find out if anyone has a similar issue. We have 3 or 4 Quotewerks users on a network installation of the Access database version of QW. In the past, we had one particular computer where the Job Search window would intermittantly take forever to open. As in 2 minutes or more. This was something that seemed to be isolated to that one computer, and I was never able to find a solution. The other computers always open the Job Search window very quickly.

Fast forward to this week... We purchased a brand new computer for one of those QW users. This is a rocketship of a workstation. It zips along quite nicely in all aspects... except that this computer is also now struggling to open the Job Search window. We have just over 4000 jobs in the search window grid, and do archive regularly. This was a brand new clean install of QW, and re-running the nsetup makes no difference. Does anyone have any suggestions? Quotewerks itself runs perfectly fine. But the Job Search window is a bit of a nightmare.

If you are referring to the Documents Search window then it is possible to go to ......

Tools -> My Preferences -> Misc

and at the bottom of that box there is a search default that you can set. If you set it to MyDocuments then that should speed things up in most cases.

Usually when QuoteWerks is running slow for seemingly no apparent reason it tends to be the case that it is being interfered with by some other application or process. Open Task Manager and see what processes jump to the top when you are running QuoteWerks.

A few days back when we were having problems on a new Windows 10 machine it turned out to be that Windows Defender was the culprit.

Building on what David has commented: selecting "MyRecentDocuments" can make it even quicker.

Also upgrading to the Corporate edition and re-hosting to SQL Server can make an absolutely massive difference with QuoteWerks speed.

Thanks guys. I was not aware of this setting and will give it a shot.
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