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Retention of Seed, Reg Code and Tenant Account following License Relinquish

For a license relinquish involvesĀ no change to the primary license key, it would be preferable for the Seed, Reg Code and Tenant Account link not to change.

Recently, a relinquish (using Redemption Code) created a change of Seed which in turn necessitated re-registration of the unchanged primary license key and a reset of the Tenant Account.

Resetting the Tenant Account causes a 'timezone' lottery as this service is currently only available during office hours in EST timezone.

There is currently no warning of these potential consequences, either in the emails that accompany the redemption code, or in the License Manager when the user is performing these actions.

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Yup, been stung by this a few times :(

I now only add licences after 2pm UK time to handle any possible issues which can then be addressed, usually, within a couple of minutes.

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