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CRM Alternative - Cheap, Simple, Self Hosted

As the title really, after buying every ACT version and then being told they are moving away from self hosting and the thousands we have spent is now  worth nothing - unless we slavishly follow their newest business model - we would like to ditch them in favour of a more stable self hosted CRM.

Rant over !! 

Seriously any contenders out there, we count Quotewerks as the central software, are UK based, looking for a simple CRM.

  1. Self Hosted
  2. Integrates with Quotewerks
  3. Ideally integrates with Quick Books
  4. Mirrors Act in simplest form (Contacts, Companies Outlook, Groups, Calendar, Activities, email history)
  5. 8 users

Most CRMs seem to be selling something we really dont need - full of unnecessary "belsl and whistles" , to try and justify cost

Any suggestions gratefully received




a couple thing here. ACT still has a self hosted option and will for the immediate future.  Next for a simple CRM that works with Quotewerks consider Zoho CRM

I can answer questions for both if you would like.

Jon Klubnik

To be honest we have used ACT for a number of years and basically been very happy - are you sure ACT will still have a self hosted option in UK ?

Personally, I have found the cloud versions of software a bit watered down - 

Example: We use Quickbooks and are now being pushed towards cloud version, only to find out it dosent support all the same features, especially sales orders, which are central to our working process.....we only found this out after data load!

Have tried Zoho, but did not seen to have a built in calendar ?

Zoho does have a calendar.

I don't have a long term crystal ball on ACT, but their desktop client has always been their strength.  I would imagine you are fine for at least the next 2-3 years.  It's no secret that many company's are attempting to go more cloud based and ACT is one of them.  But I believe that for at least the next several versions you would be able to have a desktop client.

Beyond that, here is going to be your struggle.  You are kind of limited to the CRMs that Quotewerks works with.  So, in my opinion for now would be to continue with ACT as you can keep the desktop client.

Hi Marc,

I agree with everything Jon says (unfortunately, not that this is Jon's fault I hasten to add!)

As I see it, the ones that QW integrates and meets your criteria (as far I'm aware):

  • ACT! (they're pushing their web version, but have a desktop option)
  • Maximiser (they're pushing their web version, but have a desktop option)
  • Goldmine (they're pushing their web version, but have a desktop option)
  • Zoho (they're pushing their web version, but have a self-hosted option)

All the others, certainly as new clients to their platform (as far I'm aware will only offer a cloud hosted service).

I know a guy that knows more about CRM than me and could be worth having a chat to..

Thanks both, your advice is really appreciated, changing CRM is such an upheaval for for small companies without a dedicated IT department......just trying to make sure we dont miss the obvious. It does strike me though that there is a market for a simple, self hosted CRM .....but thats another discussion.

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