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SalesForce Opportunity Link/URL

Hi team,

We have migrated from Pipedrive CRM to SalesForce and I am trying to replicate all the functions we had previously.

One of those was when we closed a deal in PipeDrive we triggered a message in a SLACK channel announcing the win and additional data including a link to the opportunity in Pipedrive.  SalesForce has a SLACK integration, but as we are not able to make/modify SalesForce, we are limited in integration, so I am doing this out of QuoteWerks.

I have created a VB Script which uses HTTP to write to the SLACK channel posting the win details (see 1st image below). The only missing link is being able to also include the link to the SalesForce deal.

The data is in QuoteWerks as it is in the links tab, my question is how can I get that URL using VBS and write it out to SLACK?

Any ideas?

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So you want the "View Opportunity in" URL on the Links tab?

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Exactly. Once I can see/access the URL I can write it out to SLACK using VBS.

You can't get the URL directly, but you probably concatenate it together using the value from the DocumentHders SoldToCMOppRecID field.

I haven't got a environment to hand, but if it's anything like the Microsoft CRM integration, the URL is "https://[account][more prefix url details][SoldToCMOppRecID value][suffix]. I'd guess that it's going to be something similar with

Hope this helps.

I found this article about someone trying to do something similar in an external email that might help.  The field that contains the Opportunity record in QuoteWerks is the Document Headers [SoldToCMOppRecID] field, so perhaps you might be able to combine that with what is suggested in this article except replacing the Salesforce  {!Opportunity.Id}   with the  [SoldToCMOppRecID]   information? 

Hi everyone, thanks heaps for your support. The SoldToCMOppRecID field, concatenated with the URL did the trick!  Thanks all and have a great day!

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