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Zoho Contacts

We have both accounts AND contacts in Zoho. A lot of our contacts do not have accounts though as they are general domestic clients not businesses. Intergrations appears to work very well for contacts linked to accounts. Always get an error message if there is no account linked to contact. Only work around we have found so far is to not create a new linked doc and not create/attach to deal. Any ideas?

Hi Peter -

This is because Deals can only be created in Zoho if there is an account and the linked files go to the deal.  If you uncheck the box to create/update the Deal, you should not receive the error message when saving, however no files will be sent over to Zoho. 

Thanks, Think have may sorted a work around.

I need a filter for a layout that says

If sold to company is "X" then lave blank. Can that be done?

Try this:


Hi Matt,

What I entered is


That reads correct but i get a msg saying

This expression must evaluate to a TRUE/False Result, Please reenter

Have tried it with both a "domestic client and a company but get the same error.

I guess I'm a bit confused as to what the goal is here.

Are you looking to omit the entire ReportHeader section if it ="domestic"

If so, simply try 


That will show the the report header, only if the soldtocompany does not equal "domestic"

Hi Mate,

No I just want to not see "Domestic" from the report header if it is the 'sold to company' Otherwise it all stays the same.


The current work around I have is I have duplicated the report and removed the 'sold to company' field from the report and called the report "domestic" I was just hoping that i could have a single report with a filter.

We definitely can, I'm just not following what you want.

Are you wanting this to say the SoldToCompany value, unless you enter "Domestic". In which case you want it to say nothing at all?


Exactly mate! 

Sold to contact etc all stay just the sold to company field changes.

The formulas in green above are definitely correct.

Are you:

Hitting the formula icon at the top

giving the formula a name

entering the formula

placing it in the layout?

(instead of the SoldToCompany) reference

Screenshare if you're still unsure:

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Matt Rose,


Perfect :)

TIP: you might want to use the "lower" function as part of the formula to avoid unexpected results due to case-sensitivity... "domestic", "Domestic", DOMESTIC", etc. 


Can anyone tell me if this is still the case with Zoho? Do we still need an Account or is there a work around?

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