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ACT version 22

So my company just upgraded Act 18 to Act 22, and now Quotewerks is not recognizing the database anymore. According to the Contact manager page, it appears Quotewerks offers support to version 21 and below. How would I get version 22 support?



What quotewerks version are you running?

Jon KLubnik

ACT Certified Consultant

90. ACT! version 22 is now supported! [Build: 1.12]

version 5.5 1.12

5.4 Build 2.04

that's why, you'll need to update to 5.5 1.12 per the following

Hi Corey

You can always check for updates on our updates page to see what build your updated integrated software (CRM/Accounting/ect) is supported in.

For example: 

You can download the latest update at 

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