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Realtime Content (IceCat) or similar

ICEcat does not work properly because it is only the free version and very limited results

Would like to be able to get the full version of ICEcat so product images and Spec sheets are available when quoting.

(at the moment I have to go to supplier website and download images and brochures which is very time consuming and not efficient at all)

Etilize is not available in my Country (New Zealand)

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How different is the product set in NZ to that in Australia? 

"Added BETA testing support to test viability of data supplied in the Australian feed....The QuoteWerks Product Content subscription (powered by Etilize) is now available for Australia!...."

As Matt mentioned, we just recently added Etilize support for Australia. This combined with our PartLocator enables an Australian TSP to receive Pricing and Availability for Ingram Micro and Dicker Data in Australia. I am not sure how the part numbers differ for New Zealand.  Do you know if the part numbers for Ingram Australia are the same for New Zealand?

Hi They seem to be very similar one example is Manufacturer part number is 10T7008TAU

which is avaliable in NZ at Synnex and DickerData,  and  is same part number in Australia (Ingram)

It looks like from our records that you are trialing the Product Content Subscription, Make sure you are on v5.5 build 3.08 or higher and try the Etilize search. Is it returning the appropriate data for Ingram?

As for Synnex New Zealand, we do not have a relationship with them. They are a different company than the one in North America. We would however like to add them to our PartLocator service. Do you have a contact in their Electronic Commerce team?

Hi I have upgraded to latest version ver5.5 ver 4.0

I am getting some product info back,  Ingram Australia do sell different product to ingram NZ. I dont think ingram AUS sell HP Ingram NZ does sell HP...

So more than half products return no product content

Ill try and find a contact Synnex.  and would be good to get Synnex and Dicker Data working


If you can find a Dicker contact in NZ as well, that would be helpful unless again they are the same as AU.

We have been trying for years to find good contacts at Australian and New Zealand distributors, but have not made much progress. One of the biggest hurdles was just having the content which we are now subscribing to.

We may also need to make some changes to make the Ingram AU part numbers come through for you. Let's see if we can make some progress on the Synnex and Dicker side before we make a specific compile.

If you have contact information for any of the distributors, please send them to attn:Brian. I look forward to making this work for you!

Hi Brian, thanks very much for helping with this

 I'll contact supplliers here in NZ and see if I can make any progress.

I'm no expert in this but I have been playing around with iceCAT and wondering if getting a full subscription would be an easier way to get the product content?? I uploaded one of our supplier pricelist with 50,000+ products and it returned 20% free content which works perfectly in quotewerks and %80 which need a full iceCAT subscription

Ive attached the results from iceCAT

.supplier file results

In your file, it does not provide Distributor information. If we had that, we would be able to cross reference this with Etilize and have the best of both worlds. 

We are standardized on Etilize for Content and how it is returned, but do have the ability to append it with PartLocator data (proprietary). The PartLocator Data is currently being fed by distributors like Ingram AU and Dicker AU. 

With your contacts, we could do this for NZ distributors as well.

We could also look at using the IceCat data to feed the PartLocator as well, but I would need to know more about the IceCat data and licensing. 

Thanks Brian, I have attached main suppliers price files here. Ingram, Synnex, Dickerdata and Exeed  I have already asked IceCat for pricing waiting for them to come back

Hi Brian, I have spoken to Icecat and the full licence is to expensive for us. I have passed your details on to IceCAT.

 If I can get hold of NZ suppliers details for sending product feed to you can you give me more information, or what is the best way for them to contact you directly

The full license for computers and peripherals  is 7800 in the US as of 2024. They also have other countries. 

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