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Can a subtotal line be generated for Options Items?

I would like to be able to include a Total or Subtotal price line for Optional items in a quote. In this particular case it's for option years in a multi year software licensing agreement (option year one, option year two), and would be helpful for our customers to plan budgeting for future years.

No, not in the easy way you're imagining.

Adding a comment line, after manually calculating is sometimes the easiest way to get a close result. 

Ok, thank you Matt!

Matt, is there any progress on this topic so far? We are used to have multiple line Options, so we need to display totals for these Options.

I've not seen this added to the software.

I can imagine there would be several complexities.. should it include ticked options, unticked options, selected exlusive group options, not-select exclusive group options, etc.

If you can come up with the logic you need, it could probably be created with a custom script.

What do we need:

  • Multiple hidden items (all set to Optional) in one Option
  • Subtotal for all items in one Option
  • Availability of multiple Options per Quote

Not certain I follow, can you add a screenshot and then share the numbers you'd like to be seeing?

We have multiple items in the Option.

All of these items are hidden (Print line = No).

The only line we want to print in the quote is the Subtotal.


So we have in the quote:


But we would like to have:


Yup, QW won't do this. We'd need a script and some tweaking of the template. An hour or twos work, I'd suspect.

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