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Switching from Dynamics to Salesforce for QW

We have switched Contact Manager set-up for QuoteWerks from Dynamics to Salesforce. One issue we are constantly running into is trying to unlink QuoteWerks quotes that were linked to our old Dynamics system and create a new link to a Salesforce opportunity.

Is there a method we can have users take or some place in the database we can update to resolve this issue? Sometimes we have the ability to unlink QuoteWerks quotes but it doesn't always work so I am looking for a documented fix if possible.

Thanks in advance!

Are you 're-pulling' in the (same) contact from Salesforce?

When QW goes and gets client information, it pulls in information from the CRM so it knows where to put the Opportunity stuff.

If that information hasn't been pulled in from Salesforce, I could understand it could get confused quite quickly!

You could try clearing out the values in the DocumentHeader table BillToCMAccountNo, ShipToCMAccountNo, SoldToCMAccountNo, SoldToCMCompOppRecID, SoldToCMLinkRecID, SoldToCMOppRecID, SoldToCMReferralAccountNo fields... or all of the values on Documents that have been created since, say 01/01/2020.

This would definitely be unsupported though and I would most definitely take a backup of the database first!!!

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