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Sync the QuoteWerks description field to the SalesForce 'Line Description' field

When sync'ing to SalesForce I'm finding cases where the description field on the line in QuoteWerks does not sync to the related field SalesForce called "Line Description.  As a result the SalesForce end of the data is incomplete and not usable: one cannot create an invoice in SalesForce or see the quote or order in SalesForce because the description field is empty, the description field of each line in a quote or order contains the meaningful information; the 'what'.  This sync issue may or may not relate to the manufacturer part number being empty on the line in QuoteWerks.  Mfg part number is a completely separate field and it being populated or not should not influence whether the description field from each line in QuoteWerks is sync'd into the description in SalesForce.  If there is interest in pursuing this I'd be happy to help test various scenarios.  The sync to SalesForce is extremely valuable and an excellent feature and I think resolving this aspect would bring the full value of the existing investment in developing the synchronization.

Have you explored the datalink setup feature?

In essence, this allows you to push any QW field to any SF available field.

Thanks Matt, as far as I can tell the description field from QuoteWerks sync's to the Line Description field in SalesForce as long as the mfg part number field is populated, but if it isn't then the description field fails to sync.  So I'm not sure that Datalink would help given the field is already setup to sync by default with the existing integration out of the box.  I have not done extensive testing on this at this point, but am happy to if there is interest from QW's end on this.

Does that line, without part number in QW, not show up at all in SF - or is it just the description that doesn't populate.

It's possible (and I'm guessing here) that some sort of product number (or 'ItemName') is mandatory in SF and, without that, it can't create the line at all.

Have you tried changing the below in the QW/SF configuration?


(26.8 KB)

Hi Matt, to answer your question, the line from QW was sync'ing to SF with all data except the line description in SalesForce was not getting populated.  

Thanks a ton for the input, the following DataLink setup is successfully sync'ing the description from each QW to the line description in each opportunity product in SalesForce:


This is how SF looks now (note line description is now populated):


Here's the line from QuoteWerks:


It looks like out of the box QW is sync'ing the Description line from QW into the Product Code field in SalesForce which is probably fine.  It looks like MFG Part Number sync's to SF Product Name which probably makes sense as well.

Thanks for schooling me I can probably close this suggestion at this point.


Thanks for the detailed feedback, glad it's now doing what you need!

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