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Financing vs Leasing

I have a request on a future update.  I am in the HVAC industry and we have wide range of financing available.  We do everything from No Payments/No Interest, Equal Payments/No Interest, Fixed APR Financing and all with variable terms and lengths.  We don't do leasing.  I would love to see the leasing/financing area enhanced to cover not just leasing, but financing options.  We have modified the leasing area to sort of work towards our purposes, but it does not work very well and confuses customers.  We sell a lot of jobs with financing so this is a big deal.  Additionally, the ability to place a custom link into the QuoteWerks/QuoteValet settings to allow the customer to do the online financing application if they select a financing option during checkout would be great.

We don't typically require a down payment for financing, but the fact that there is a down payment listed for cash/check and credit card makes my customers think that they have to make that payment first and then finance the rest.  Sometimes we do have a down payment required based on their credit.  If this makes sense?

I think I follow, so we're saying that simply adding the deposit amount to all the leasing/financing options wouldn't be appropriate.

Yeah, this is all for QW development here.

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