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How to handle "Other Charges" & "Inventory Assemblies" for QuickBooks

We use several "Other Charges" items in QuickBooks along with Inventory Assemblies for our shop.  QW only allows for Inventory Items and Service Items.  Some examples of our "Other Charges" include "International Shipping & Handling Fee", Credit Card Service Fee,  Core Charges, Core Credits, and Wire Transfer Fee.  Our inventory assemblies are for pick tickets in our manufacturing side for remanufactured items.  Any suggestions?    

Could these be non-inventory items?

Thank you for the response.  Non-Inventory are not trackable in QB and we need to be able to track outstanding cores as well as the parts used in building.  I'm guessing that we could call various service fees non-inventory, but technically, they should not be if you are accounting.  I have mapped the CC service fee in the mapping field and shipping field to Freight, but because we have almost 250 items that are inventory assemblies or other charges, I am having problems making QW work and I like how it integrates with ACT.

OK, I guess I'm not following what you're wanting to do (probably because QB isn't too big over here in the UK).

What does the software/integration not do that you want it to do?

In the mapping section for Quickbooks, I am able to map 1 single discount item and one single charge item to their proper account in QB.  I need to have around 6 different discount items and 30 different charge items.  image

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