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Retain Distributor Quote Number through Order and purchase Order

Issue: After placing an order with a distributor, it becomes extremely difficult to match the order back to the original distributor quote, because the original quote number is not in the order confirmation the distributor provides.  Further the original distributor quote number is not retained by QuoteWerks either.  

Suggested Solution: Retain the distributor quote number data field from the QuoteWerks Quote, storing it in the QuoteWerks Order and Purchase Order.  QuoteWerks presently only stores the distributor quote number in the QW Quote object, but it would be great to pass this on to the Order and Purchase Order objects as well so Orders can be linked backed to their Quote.

Background: My specific quoting and purchasing use case is pulling in electronic quotes from Tech Data and ordering them electronically using QuoteWerks.

Additional thoughts: It may make sense to expand this solution to include the QuoteWerks Quote Number if that is a different piece of data than the distributor quote number, and pass the QuoteWerks quote number to the Order and Purchase Order.

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