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Product Level Tax rates

In the UK there are now (covid assistance) multiple tax rates for different product types.  Does anyone have a simple solution so that it is possible for example to HAve multiple line Items some with 5% tax some with 20% and other zero tax

Yes, choose the Canadian Tax Model (Tools > Options > Regional)

Restart QW

On the Tax rate column within the workbook you'll see you can now set multiple rates of tax per item.

Hi Matt

Yes I gave that a go 1st but you are not able to set a GST with a different % from PST

Not at my desk at the moment, but you certainly can. Many clients in Ireland with a two tax rate system. On the sale info tab you can define the appropriate percentages. You then tell QW which line is which.

Great thanks Matt. Let me know how it goes.  Need to also see if it is still OK to use ConnectIT to Sage

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