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linked resources

Hi All,

When you add a file to linked resources it seems to always default to centralized storage..

- can it be set up to remember the last action?


There is also an access right that can be set for non-master rights users by their QuoteWerks Admin to ensure that linked documents are always in the centralized storage:

The 'Centralized Storage' location is the Resources folder in the QuoteWerks directory.

Unticking the option Matt previously indicated will allow you to link rather than copy.

I have been wondering about this centralized storage option. I dont remember seeing this in the past so one of our updates must have prompted this. 

On my screen, however, the choices between link to file and centralized storage are greyed out


seems to be implying it is copying the file to the centralized storage, but we have a folder structure on the server we have been doing this with for years so I am confused - are they now moving the files someplace else on me? Where are they going?

snap - DONE & cheers !

Tools > My Preferences has this option

I guess 'last action' can be quite open-ended...

Is that last action, per user and/or per document?


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