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Email Template To Line Macros


I hope this is the right place for this question: Is it possible to add a Macro to the To line of an email template? 

For instance, I'd like to have the Sales Rep copied every time certain quotes go out, but not others. I tried to add the Macro to the to line in the template, but it does not convert the Macro to the email address when ready to send the email, just leaves it as is.

(I'm running v 5.5 build 2.03)




Obviously this was for the CC line, but really I meant To, CC or BCC.

Works for me.

Try Upgrading.

This is from v5.5 b3.04

  • -Fix: Macros in the TO, CC, and BCC fields in user email templates (vs System Templates) were not being rasterized when selected from the template list on the Send E-mail window.

Thanks Matt, I missed that. Will do. I guess there were issues after this was implemented.

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