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UK Domestic Reverse Tax

I can't find this info in the documentation so I thought I'd ask here.

Does the latest version of QuoteWerks work with the new Domestic Reverse Tax system as brought in by UK HMRC?




That is brilliant.  Thank you.

Yeah... I do not think that Canada tax options will help with CIS. To implement a systematic way to handle CIS for a client we customised a few of the QuoteWerks fields for the CIS-related information that needs to be captured and is relevant as to whether Domestic Reverse Tax rules apply; we then wrote a script to auto-apply the logic that runs "Before Save" and "Before Preview". Hopefully the attached will help - this is the logic on the CIS rules as we understand them.

Hope this is useful!

Yes.  We have a customer involved in the building industry and it's not a question I've been asked before.  I have read about the Canada tax option but wanted to check on the forum in case there's a correct way to approach this.

Is this question related to the CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) regulations?

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