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Tabs or Indents - Description cell


Are there any commands or 'mark up' language that allow either




or bullet points

to be placed in free form text thats typed into the description cells

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Unfortunately the short answer is "no". If you are presenting the quote to a prospect using QuoteValet, then you could write the Description using HTML markups (<ul>, <ol>, <li>, etc.) but this won't look so great if you also use that field in a PDF Layout. The alternative is to use spaces for the indent and an asterisk or "1)", "2)", etc. for bullets.

Do you use QuoteValet?

Its Quotewerks PC install

One advantage of 'no formatting' I suppose, are spaces are 'consistent' in size

And that's what I have been using to provide indenting and alignment  - as well as * symbols  for bullets.

I appreciate the reply - I had hoped something had moved on.

Its not too much of a problem - the deep detail of each quote is in a separate word (PDF) document , and the description boxes act as a '10-20' line summary of the multi page quote


As Steve, short answer is no.

Some workarounds some of my clients have implemented.

Copying a bullet point into the description field works (i.e. go to the web, find a bullet point, copy it and paste it into QuoteWerks). You can also copy this to the double-click/F2 lookup to make it easily accessible.

Have a field/column specifically for bullet points / sub-text.

For example; Product Title / Product Description

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