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Open Dashboard when QW starts


Is it possible to have the Dashboard open when QW starts? I can see an option for starting the QV Dashboard, but not the normal dashboard. I'm after the following setting but to open the Dashboard. 


Nope. No option.

The QuoteValet dashboard will load (as you've find) and that might act as the prompt to go looking at the 'My Summary'


Alternatively, it's quite easy to code the pressing of "Alt+v, Enter" which would do what you want.

However, getting that to run on QW load looks to be tricky (can do it after every new document.. but that's probably intrusive)

After some jiggery pokery with scripting, and for reference of others, see the attached video.

Basically, this script only runs if one document is open (as is the case when we log in to QuoteWerks)

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