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Changing Menu Item Text

 Hi guys, back again!  I did a little searching and found that in previous versions of the software, you could alter the .ini file to change key terms in the menu system.  That type of editing seems to have been retired a ways back.  Was there a system put in place to replace it? 

Specifically, I'm looking to change the language on the menu item "Running Subtotal" to something that fits more with our current language.  I want it to serve the same function, do the same thing, just say something else when added to a quote.

In addition to that, is there any way to auto-lock it to the bottom of a quote so that it doesn't have to be manually placed there?  The boss really wants this to be brain-dead simple to cut down on the number of mistakes made by out sales force.  I know that they can add a Running Subtotal, select it and change it to the language we decide on, and then drag it to the bottom of a quote but I think the more pre-defined a lot of this stuff is, the more likely its going to be right when they do it. 

Thanks again for all the help.  This forum is a lifesaver!

>> Might even be possible to not have the user do anything, just hitting save puts a running subtotal at the bottom of the quote, with your chosen wording <<

Definitely possible with a script in the Corporate edition - it could be coded to remove any SubTotal and/or RunningSubTotal Line Items and then just place one at the bottom of the Line Items grid.

Yeah, I don't believe it's possible to change the actual menu option name.

(Technically, we could remove the option and replace it with a custom script (where we can choose the menu text) but that's probably overkill, at this stage at least)

Well, that's the first part handled.  Although it doesn't change the name in the menu system, the text is displays is now what we want it to be (or will be when I have the preferred verbage).  Thanks a ton, Matt.  As always you are a master.

We are talking about having somebody do some coding on this to iron out a few of the issues I can't figure out, we are just waiting until we know exactly what we need done.  The more I use it, the more I learn and the more I learn, the more I figure out how to do.  Every few weeks, I sit down with the boss and run through putting in an order and he tells me what he wants different.  I make the changes I can, note the ones I can't and once we are far enough along that we only have things outside of my ability left, we will reach out.  Until then, I'm reliant on my problem solving skills and, well, you.

Thanks a ton!

You'll want to create a new settings in Help > About > Settings manager to look like the below:


No way, without a bit of bespoke coding, to have that forced to be at the bottom.

Might even be possible to not have the user do anything, just hitting save puts a running subtotal at the bottom of the quote, with your chosen wording; makes it totally brain-dead ;)

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