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Autotask "Use Revenue" field

Hi all

Is there a way to update the "Use Revenue" field of an Autotask Opportunity when saving the quote in QW?


We want the sales person to untick this field and enter a quick value when the Opp is created. Most opps are on the system for about a month before a quote is required. The sales person can then enter a quick value just for pipelining. 

When the quote is created in QW, this tick box is NOT updated when the quote is associated with the opportunity (really it should) and as a result the values on the Opp are never updated to match the quote value. 

Ideally I'd like to see a number of other changes to the AT save dialogue, but certainly, given that this field is available in the AT API, it should be something that we can force in the QW save window. 


There is a datalink option of 'UseQuoteTotals'.

I created an opportunity and the default value was "No" (or unticked).

I set the datalink to pull a value from QuoteWerks, trying "Yes", "1", "True" in a QW field

"True" is the value we're looking for.

Knowing your system as I do, I'd have QW populate this field (or another spare field) on every new document (Tools > Options > Documents) and datalink that.

That will then set the checkbox to ticked (or Use Quote Totals = Yes) in AT.



Thanks Matt. Now I just need to overwrite the AT opportunity name with the QW quite number and I'm done.

Not quite following, can you give an example?

I'll raise another forum post with examples.

I've been doing some testing and this datalink setup raises an interesting bug. I can't be sure whether it's QW or AT. 

If you enable the above data link to set the Use Revenue field in AT, it removes the Primary Quote from the AT opportunity and you lose all the finance data. You still have the DTF link in the notes, but the actual quote record in AT isn't there. 

Disable datalinks and hit save, and it saves the quote back as expected. 


I'd definitely bring this to attention, they're likely to respond more quickly to something sent directly. Not tested this myself, but I'll try to do so later today.

Not had chance to test this.

I suspect you should raise this with support at quotewerks dot com for their more prompt attention, to see if they can recreate this and try and identify why this is happening.

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