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QV Approval reporting

Hi all

I've found an issue whereby some staff are ignoring the QV approval emails that come (either due to workload or junk settings) and as a result aren't processing the quotes in to orders. 

Is there a way to view the current QV quotes online, and see which have been approved and, ideally, which ones have been converted to an order in QW?


When you use 'approval' are we talking client approval?

If so, absolutely, QuoteValet Dashboards will be your friend here.

I'm in this multiple times a day seeing what is (or is not!) going on with my quotes.



The key drop-down here is the "What" drop-down.

The bit I highlighted in blue indicates this is still sitting as a quote in QuoteWerks and hasn't been converted to an order.


Thanks matt. I'll let the guys know to check. Is it possible to see quotes for all staff, rather than one by one?

Yup, the 'User' drop-down has an <All> option

Thanks Matt. 

What does that list actually show?

The reason that I ask is that I've found about 10 examples (out of about 1000 quotes) where the Orange bar shows Quote. However in at least two of those instances, there is an Order assigned to those quote numbers, and it's been purchased and processed normally internally. 

I'm assuming that the orange bar shows Accepted when the order in QV is accepted by the client, and QW then looks up whether the Quote is closed and whether there is an Order with the same number (Shows ORDER) and, if not, shows Quote?


This is the relevant release note:

For QuoteValet users, on the Reporting tab of the QuoteValet dashboard the DocType is now displayed. This is useful in determining when a quote has been accepted through QuoteValet but has not been converted to an order yet.

I'm afraid I'd only be guessing why you're seeing 'QUOTE' shown on this dashboard, but the document has been converted.

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