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Intermittent issue access menus

For the last couple of months I've had an issue where I'm unable to get to any of the QW menus by either clicking on them or using the Alt key.

The only solution has been to close QW with the X top-right and re-launch it.

Running Win10 Enterprise 20H2.

Also use DisplayFusion for multimonitor controls, and the problem occurs when DisplayFusion active or not.

Anyone else report this issue?

Currently on build 5.6-5.06, and see 5.10 is now available, but this issue was present in the version before 5.06 for sure (and I now see 5.06 is no longer available in the downloads).


Do you have the same if you change the QuoteWerks Appearance to "System"?

Tools > My Preferences > Appearance

Just updated to build 5.10, and the issue occurred immediately (and had to X-out and restart).

Confirmed 'Appearance' is already set to 'System'.

Do you have the same issue if the QuoteWerks screen is not maximised?

Yes, same issue whether or not maximized.

We have found for certain Windows 10 installs, you actually have to turn ON one of the appearance skins for the menus to stay consistently available.  

I don't know which specific builds of Windows, it has seemed to be random, but this will usually make the menus available again.

This appears to have fixed the issue (setting an appearance skin). Thank you.

I'm on build 19043 and just had to use this workaround. Thanks!

More info about the problem behavior: The menus will work once, until it is clicked closed. Then they won't appear again. However, moving the QW window from one display (maximized) to another display (non-maximized) will allow the menus to work again, but just once. Un-maximizing the window on the same display won't help. Also, it's not enough to just apply a theme and then return it to System. The menus only reliably work on a non-System theme.

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