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QW incorrectly resetting Close Date on AT opps

Hi all

Can someone test something for me?

We've found that we are able to change the Close Date on closed Autotask Opps from within QW when saving an Order. 

Here's the flow. 

  • Find an order that's associated with a closed AT opp
  • Open the order and click Save
  • Tick both the Update Opps and the Update Quotes tick box
  • You'll get an error saying that the Opp can't be updated because it's closed
  • Your're then prompted to edit/save the quote. Click Ok to continue. 
  • Open the AT Opp which remains closed, but you'll see the Close Date has now been changed to todays date. 

This, to me, implies that the Opp has been updated even though the user was told it wouldn't be. It feels like a bug rather than a conscious design choice. 

Can someone test that? We can make that happen every time. 
5.6 (4.06)


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Anyone able to check this?

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