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Un-linking quotes from Manage

How do I unlink a quote from ConnectWise Manage?

I deleted a Sales Order and Opportunity out of Manage because the sale changed after the fact due to supplier issues, and once a quote is converted to an order and exported to Quickbooks, it's no longer possible to change it in Quotewerks (and I get why).

It would be nice to have the ability to reverse those actions though...

So I deleted the Sales Order in Quotewerks, Quickbooks, and Manage, and deleted the opportunity in Manage, then re-saved the quote in Quotewerks to create a new opportunity in Manage. Then created a new revision of the quote, and proceeded from there.

Is there a better way?



Seems I can't add a URL to the appropriate documentation page

If you accidentally attached a quote to the wrong opportunity in ConnectWise, you can use the  button to remove the link.:

All entries relating to the QuoteWerks Quote will be removed from the ConnectWise opportunity, including: Forecast lines, products listed under the Products Tab, services listed under the Services Tab, the document attachment under the Documents Tab, and the Call activity under the Activities Tab. This button will only be displayed when updating an existing opportunity, so if you realize you made a mistake, choose to update the opportunity, and then at that point, use this button to unlink it.

By creating opportunities in ConnectWise, ConnectWise can generate pipeline reports.  This feature helps you estimate your cash flow.  If you already have an opportunity for this quote, it will automatically update the existing one to reflect changes you have made to the quote.

QuoteWerks claims ownership of ConnectWise opportunities that were created or updated from within QuoteWerks.  It is not recommended that you manually make changes to the opportunity from within ConnectWise as these changes may be overwritten by QuoteWerks when QuoteWerks is updating the ConnectWise opportunity.

Seemingly doesn't like me adding images here either today.

When you save a QW document, linked to an opportunity there's a sort of squeegee icon at the top, this allows you to unlink the QW quote to the CW opportunity.

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