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Exporting a quote or order to XLSX

Hi all

Is there a way to export a quote or order to an XLSX? I can see a way to export to DTF but nothing more.


Try one of these, they each do slightly different things.

The bottom two only take line item information.

The top one can take 'header' level information, too


Thanks Matt. Great as ever. Though why is Export under Tools when it's usually a file function?

@Matt - Is there anyway of generating a report and exporting that to a Word Document ?

The PDF import conversion by Word is not very good and the resulting table a bit of a mess so takes up a lot of time to tidy it up. My MD is trying to create a pretty quote via a Word template and wants to import summary pricing data from a QW quote.

The Excel export wont work for me - I have QW running as a remote desktop app but the Clipboard method does make data available but would need tweaking.

Hi Ken, I'd say why isn't the whole quote being done in QW, but I would! I'm not quite following your process, do reach out, might be easier for me to understand with a screenshare. 

Will ask the MD if I can share document screenshots. We're trying to create something more professional based on an external document design which the MD is working on within Word. Our current document style is lacking somewhat

Will send you a couple of documents privately

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