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Editing the Customer-Facing Quote Accepted email template

I need to update the wording on the email our customers automatically receive after they accept a quote via QuoteValet, but I can't seem to locate the template.

I'm logged in as Admin. It's not under Tools->Customize E-Mail Templates.

Right now it says:

Dear Customer,

This is an automated notification from XXX.

Thank you for accepting quote #DISQXXX. We sincerely appreciate your business. Our sales team has been notified and we will begin processing your order soon.

Per the Electronic Signature Act we've attached a copy of the quote you've accepted.

Acceptance Details:
Email Address: 
From IP Address: 
Acceptance Key: 

To view or review the accepted Quote at any time click here.

I want to update the info about our invoicing and payment process. Where can I find and edit this template?

It's in with the QuoteValet Templates... go to the Tools menu > Options option > QuoteValet tab > click "QuoteValet Setup" > Templates tab and it's the "Acceptance Confirmation" Template Type.

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Or, possibly, Notification Email template type.. dependent on exactly what you're wanting to change.

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