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QW to AT line item vendor

Hi all

Is there a way to copy the Vendor field from QW to the quote in AT?

We've enabled the procurement module in AT so that we can use sales orders and purchase orders, only we've found that when the quote is saved in QW the line item vendor doesn't get copied over, and I can't see a Vendor field in the AT drop down in the DataLink settings in QW. 

It seems a weird one to not support. 

Any ideas?


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Autotask limitation, and a common query.

QW only pushes detail to 'Quote Items' in Autotask and, for some reason, that field isn't made available by AT (I don't think it even logs a vendor against a product in AT at quote leve) - so nowhere for QW to push it.

If we were to merge the Vendor and Description field to a CustomMemo field, that can be pushed to the Autotask Description which would, at least, get the Vendor name into AT; although, agreed, not where you'd ideally want it.

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