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Quotewerks on Azure VDI

Has anyone done this successfully? Azure VDI with FSLogix profiles. 

Getting an error about IGSPLITTER40.ocx being missing

Have installed on base image, and it works. First boot of new VM doesn't work. Re install and it works. End session then it doesn't work again.

Any advice?

Have you ran NSetup in install mode?  From what I've seen in the past VDI's required it just like RDP/Citrix/TS

There is no install mode for Windows 10 Enterprise Multi Session Mode

There is no install mode per se but you can force it

Go to Elevated Command Prompt

type: change user /install

run: nsetup.exe

let it finish 100%

launch QW - make sure to complete this step

type: change user /execute

Also, if anything is getting added to the User's registry during the install, you may need to run PROCMON to find/filter for any QW related activity in HKCU - you will want to use FSLogix redirection to move those to some known location on HKLM because otherwise, those settings will only apply to the one logged on user.

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