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Recurring line items within Recurring Group

Our business is exploring using QW to quote IT equipment rentals. Seemingly the easiest way to do this is via the "Convert Group to Recurring" feature, which takes the one-time Unit Price & turns it into a monthly recurring amount.

The challenge I'm currently facing is that we also want to include a fixed recurring amount to the automatically-calculated monthly price for the other items in the recurring group.

For example, we want to quote a 36-month rental, which would include a laptop & accessory bundle (say $1000) plus our monthly support SLA (say $100/month). QuoteWerks' Recurring Group feature will convert the $1000 one-time costs to a monthly price ($27.78 per month for 36 months with 0% APR), but I cannot add the static $100 per month per each to the group (which would make the total $127.78 per month) due to the QW error message that a Recurring group can't contain Recurring items.

Can anyone think of a workaround or different feature inside QW I can use to show the multiple elements that I want?

Thanks in advance.

Scripting has, many a time, got me out of a pickle!

QW doesn't do something? Alrighty, I'll make it do it.

Your QTY idea would work nicely!

Hi Matt,

We do have the Corporate Edition... the custom scripting is something I played with previously but kind of forgot about until now.

I also reckon that this would work (in a round-about way) by making our Service line-item Non-recurring and including Qty. 36 of the item inside the recurring group. It'd just have to be updated for a 24, 48, or 60 month term, etc.

If you're on the Corporate Edition, custom scripting is open to us.

This would be able to meet your exact need, without any fudging/accommodating.

Initial thoughts. Enter the Total Value into CustomText03 (in my case)

Enter the Term into CustomText04 (in my case)

Our script will then calculate the monthly payment automatically.


Thanks for that information.

I am using the Lease Payment feature to do this currently but wanted to explore the possibility of displaying the monthly price of each line item (including a monthly Service payment like the Lease Payment feature already does).

I'll take another look at the Summary feature -- personally, I could live with the need to calculate the LRF manually, but it does introduce more room for human error so I may also consider telling management that we'll need to stick with the current process (all-in Lease Payment) rather than moving to per-line item monthly prices.

Thank you again for your help!

Yes, I can't see Recurring Groups doing what you want here.

Alternatively, maybe review the Lease Payment feature

Note these values include a 20% tax in the overall total (hence £1200 and £120).


Hi Matt,

In this case, 36 monthly payments of $127.78. The Recurring Group feature seemed ideal because it does the calculation automatically if we wanted to change the term (say to 48 months) or if we update the price of an item inside the group.

I called Aspire support & played around with some SubTotal and Summary lines, but I don't see any method (besides completely manually) to Sum a Recurring Group line with an existing Recurring Item (Product/Service) line.

Hope that helps, thanks.

Using Summary Lines I can do something like this, will be a few cents out as 100 doesn't divide nicely by 36.

Hide the individual price from the client perhaps and just show the monthly price.


You want to show the client that they're going to pay $127.78 over 36 months?

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