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Line numbers on converted ST/Proj in Connectwise

We have templates with hundreds of lines that are typically not used, but the sales team wants them there for easy quote building.

Due to the lack of 'remove items with 0 qty' feature in the web version, my reps can't remove the unused line items - we do not use the desktop version. (Really wish this would get added.)

When converting, the 0 qty line items luckily do not convert into Connectwise. However, recently (and I have evidence of this), the converted line items started to have their line numbers ('Sequence' in Connectwise) match the line number in QuoteWerks. While I can't fault anyone for this change, the previous 'just re-order everything 1 to X was a better option for us.

It's mostly a bother to the operations team that now has to deal with the odd Sequence numbers on the converted stuff.

Was there a change recently that made this start happening? Is it a by product of some other setting perhaps? Any thoughts on being able to revert this? 


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