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Changing QW browser for links to PSA

Hi all

Can anyone think of a cunning technical solution to being able to change the browser that QW uses when you click a link in the Links tab (ie when going to the CRM record)?

We use AT which is slow at the best of times. However in Opera it's WAY quicker. Most people hate Opera and use Chrome, but use Opera for AT. As a result, we'd all love a way to have QW use opera to open the links. 

I appreciate that the solution is probably a non-QW thing, but interested to see if anyone has seen something. 


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My understanding is QW simply uses the default browser set on the machine. I'm not aware of any sort of override we can ask QW to use, I'll do a little digging to see if I can find anything and will post back if so.

(I didn't know AT worked better in Opera - I'll have to give that a look, thanks for the tip!)

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