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Electronic Signature

We have a template for our client Agreements which uses macro's to pull client information, contract dates, amounts, etc. into the Agreement. We then email the client the quote and the Agreement for signature. This signature portion is a manual process now. I would like to use electronic signatures, however QuoteValet will not work for me. I require that the client actually sign the Agreement document and not just the QuoteValet form. I was thinking about using Adobe Sign or DocuSign for this purpose but I am not sure this will work with the Agreement I have setup in QW with the macros. I am looking for suggestions to automate and capture electronic signatures on Agreements. Any help would be appreciated.   

I have a number of clients that show the PDF embedded in the QuoteValet web page, tweak the wording of the acceptance and that's good enough.

What QuoteValet doesn't do is place the client signature directly onto the PDF document you created.

We've ran into this same issue. Really wish that QW team could build this into the product (including the ability to add initials on each page of an SOW/agreement.

For now, we use DigiSigner ( We're leveraging their API via a QW VBScript and a custom menu item. Once the document is ready, we click the menu item to have the PDF generated, uploaded to DigiSigner along with the Client and Sales Rep contact details... On the DigiSigner side, this merges the contact details for both and then sends off an email to the client requesting their signature/initials/etc. Once the client has completed their steps, DigiSigner then sends the same request to the Sales Rep.

We add a manual step of taking the final PDF and attaching to the Order and CWM Opportunity.

So, not super simple, but much more streamlined than we *were* doing....


Would you mind sharing more details about your template agreement and the VBScript you use to generate the PDF?

You can reach me at: 



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