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Quote stuck in readonly after crash


A user had a quote open and their QW crashed. Now, whenever we try to open that quote we're told it's already open and is read only. 

Is there a way to manage the currently "open" quotes?


Thanks Matt,as ever. 

QW really does need a way to manage this within the interface. We've had a few instances of people going away from their desk with quotes open which need double approval. High value, urgent quotes. 

Ideally and admin level dialogue where we can remove locks on quotes, or force other cloent instances to close quotes. 


Hi Olly,

Easy way, have the user that QW thinks is in the document open the document (it should allow this) and then close it, that should clear it.

If not, we'd need to go into the database (via SQL Management Studio) and manually delete all the data in InUseDocuments manually.


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